Things we got to see and do at Celebration III

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Lines outside, lines inside.  We got to stand, sit, and fidget in plenty of lines.  Friday outside in the rain for two hours, followed by inside in line for the store for six hours made for a long day for Bob & Scott.



Rebels vs. Imperials! Celebrity MC Warwick Davis has something very special planned for Richard Le Parmentier, Michael Sheard, Ian Liston and Garrick Hagon. Photos

Creature Makeup Live Demonstration with Dave & Lou Elsey. A member of the audience will be chosen to be transformed into one of the amazing alien species from Episode III, while the Elseys share the wisdom and fun of their art form. [Cheryl got to see this while Bob & Scott were in line]  A man in street clothes was transformed into a red alien.

Costume Contest. The Children, Heroes, Villains, Padmes, and Outer Rim costumes were all fabulous. Photos

Star Wars: The Musical. An hour and a half production employing lots of classic tunes from other musicals with words suited for Star Wars.  A riot.  Photos

Star Wars in 30 Minutes. Just as promised, the whole story in 30 minutes.  The simple props and costume changes made it that much more entertaining.  Stormtroopers in bike helmets, Vader in sun glasses, X-wing folding chairs...

Star Wars Trilogy: 1-Man Show. Just one man, but all three movies in an hour.  Wow! 


Vendors & Displays

In the vendor area, we got to see the new minis, Legos, and the giant M&M's in costume.  In the fan area, we got to see the dioramas, life-sized origami, along with vehicles and the club booths. 


Costumes & Droids

Everywhere you looked, you could see someone in costume.  Some were simple Jedi robes, others were elaborate labors of love.

Photos of Our Costumes -- Padme Photos  -- Droid Photos  -- Bounty Hunter Photos  -- Clones & Jedi Costume Photos -- Other Costume Photos



Technologies and Environments of Episode III with Ryan Church. When Concept Design Supervisor Ryan Church designs a new world for the Star Wars universe he considers every aspect, from technologies to weapons to dwellings, and makes sure they all blend together in a seamless whole.

The Art of Revenge of the Sith, on the Behind-the-Scenes stage. The worlds of Star Wars are visually striking and memorable. Listen and ask questions as J.W. Rinzler, author of the best-selling book; Iain Morris, Art Director at Lucas Licensing; and Erik Tiemens and Ryan Church, Concept Design Supervisors, talk about the creative process behind the galaxy.

Title Reveal! The next arc in the best-selling Star Wars novel series is upon us, and the creators will reveal the title in this special panel at Celebration III. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions from the authors and publishers, and hear about the unique approach planned for this series. Arc authors Aaron Allston, Karen Traviss, and Troy Denning, plus Shelly Shapiro of Del Rey, and Sue Rostoni and Leland Chee of Lucasfilm.