Bob's Custom Mos Eisley 3-D Mini Map


PHASE 2 - complete with figures

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Overview Another overview
View from the front Closer view from the side with the buttresses visible on the outside
Back door on the left and bar is visible Interior shot of the bar area - entire bar is modular and can be lifted out and placed in any setting.
Raised band platform and back alcove View through the front with main door opened
Main door raised in the background right and some troopers doing their thing Who shot first?
Front large alcove View of band through the bar piping
Another inner alcove with bar in foreground  

PHASE 1 - initial assembly before first coats of paint

Overview after initial assembly, with doors inserted (15x22") - modified layout to reduce 45degree angles for easier gameplay Overview with walls and table in foreground
Bar assembly Close-up with IG-88 heads attached
Doors slide up inside a track when in "open" configuration Overview with arches added to the alcoves and buttresses on the outside
Overview - the grid was changed out for lighter color and no lines under the walls Close up of some of the alcoves with the bar in the foreground