Bob's Custom Endor 3-D Mini Map


first skirmish set up

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PHASE 3 - complete

Bottom half With At-At for scale
Close up of mid-level turbolift From above
Landing pads on top Full view with props

PHASE 2  - mostly painted, but not fully assembled

spotlights under roof of catwalk - not permanent yet, but I think I will keep them close up of gridworks
close up of tower - still working on what to use for the light on top - it does look better in person lower level painted
overview with gridlines and one tower  

PHASE 1 - initial assembly before first coats of paint

looking through all the doors.  Posts will be attached permanently after painting catwalk level
Catwalk level with doors leading across longwise, but not side to side top and bottom halves for ease in painting grid lines
At-At parked for scale Close up of one catwalk waiting for Luke to exit the At-At
Doors open and close by sliding up into the "turbolift"