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Hit Points80
Foul Moudama

Special Abilities

Jedi Protector (If an adjacent, Unique ally would take damage, this character can take the damage instead.)

Jedi Transporter (Replaces turn; This character and an adjacent, Unique ally can move up to 12 squares simultaneously; during this move that ally does not provoke attacks of opportunity. At the end of the move, that ally must be adjacent to this character. Target ally cannot be Large or Huge sized.)

Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)


Force Powers

Force 3

Lightsaber Block (Force 1: When hit by a melee attack, this character takes no damage on a save of 11.)

Before the Talz body was released - this one started as the Wookiee Soldier. Moved the arms down and added a lot of sculpey for the head, clothes and boots. Jedi protector is bodyguard ability but only for uniques. Jedi transporter is almost the same ability as tow cable, but for uniques and allows the carrier to provoke attacks of opportunity, but not the one being carried.

Foul Moudama