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Hit Points80
Roron Corobb

Special Abilities

Jedi Protector (If an adjacent, Unique ally would take damage, this character can take the damage instead.)

Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)


Force Powers

Force 4

Sonic Tremor (Force 2; replaces attacks; all enemies within six squares take 10 damage, save 11. This character cannot use this force power on two consecutive activations.)

On the round base - my second custom. Reposed torso of Jedi Knight with arms, legs, and head from Ithorian Scout. Lightsaber hilt is what's left of his staff. Turned out a bit shorter than I would have liked since I removed too much material near the neck area and haven't rebuilt with sculpey yet. On the square base, wanted a taller version so used the Jedi Knight again for the torso with the Ithorian Commander for the rest. I liked the pose, so tried to imitate the original, but added a rock for his back foot to help with the angles of his feet. Jedi protector is bodyguard but only for uniques as that was his main role I the cartoons. Sonic tremor simulates his ability with his extra throats to disrupt things around him. Affects enemies only since he was able to direct his power to some extent, but has to wait one turn to recover his breath.

Roron CorobbRoron CorobbRoron Corobb
Roron CorobbRoron CorobbRoron Corobb
Roron CorobbRoron Corobb