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Ferox was a Lhasa Apso mix. He was born on Memorial Day in 1994. He spent his puppyhood in our apartment in Reynoldsburg, but most of his time as ruler of the house in Newark. Old age and his heart murmur caught up with him in December 2009.
Scipio is a terrier mix. We suspect he has some schnauzer in him due to his tendency to develop bladder stones. He joined us in June 2000 after spending his first 9 months at Frolic Farm Animal Sanctuary in Alexandria. He went off to find the bottomless food bowl in the sky in June 2016.
Argos is a unknown mix. He looks to be part Shih Tzu with maybe some Pekingese or Lhasa Apso. He joined us from Save Ohio Strays under the name of Henry in November 2010. Bob changed his name to Argos to keep with the classical theme (read more on Argos on Wikipedia). He was found as a stray and was thought to be around 4 years old when he came to us.
Marius is a Lhasa Apso mix. He joined us from the Licking Country Humane Society under the name of Fabio in October 2016 (adoption photo). They estimated his age to be around 4 years old and he was part of a 32 dog hoarding intake. We changed his name to Marius to keep with the classical theme (though before he was groomed everyone though he looked like Chewbacca).

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