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12 June 2004, Saturday

After seeing the sights in Verona, we traveled to Venice.  We checked into the Hotel Ambasciatori before setting off down the Grand Canal in a water taxi bound for St. Mark's Square.  We walked to dinner at all'angelo followed by some time for sightseeing before returning to the hotel.

13 June 2004, Sunday

After breakfast, we set off to catch a waterbus back to St. Mark's Square.  We met with the local guide for a tour of the Palace of the Doges.  We had an afternoon ride in a gondola followed by a walk to the Rialto Bridge.  The bridge is one of the few that crosses the Grand Canal, and it is lined with souvenir shops.  At the end of the day we returned to the hotel for dinner.

14 June 2004, Monday

We left Venice for our first stop of the day in Ravenna.

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