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Ferox & Scipio

Spring 2005

It's not easy having birthdays, especially when you have to wait for a piece of cake.  Scipio would like us to hurry up with the picture taking so he can try his homemade carob-banana cake.  Ferox believes that intently staring at the cake might make it move closer to him.

Turning one didn't make Scipio the perfect pup, but his twos aren't so terrible.  He's spending all his time out of the cage (unless he chews up something that doesn't belong to him.)  Ferox has decided that it's not so bad having a brother, especially if it means you get to eat cake.


The boys are getting along better now that Scipio's been in the house for a year.  We can actually get them to sit next to each other -- this one was taken without a treat bribe even.

Photo taken on July 21, 2002.


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