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During the past year...

London & Scandinavian Cruise

June-July 2019

Since we would not be able to get away in October to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we elected to celebrate earlier in the summer. We chose to take a Scandinavian cruise, adding a few days before and after exploring London, including seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the West End.

Sapphire Princess




Little Mermaid in Copenhagen


Scenic view near Oslo


City view from Saint Paul's Dome

Lots of Trips to the Theater

Music, Song and Dance

We had a number of season subscriptions which took us into Columbus for Broadway Across America, the Columbus Symphony, New Albany for the orchestra and here in Newark for the orchestra and plays at Weathervane.
June 2019

Bob connected with the NCG group this year to get table space and ran his Endor scenario four nights. Cheryl ended up attending the whole convention this year and even attended events while Bob was running his scenario. The board game collection in the basement keeps growing.
Bob Con II
April 2019

Bob Con returned for the second straight year with lots of friends and gaming.
Franklin Park
Multiple Trips

We made various trips into Franklin Park to see the orchids, butterflies and the new Chihuly exhibit.
New Car
July 2019

Cheryl finally traded away the Honda Civic for a new Subaru Crosstrek. The AWD will hopefully be better on the driveway if we get snow this winter (though we'd be happy not to test that out!).
Columbus Half Marathon
October 2019

Cheryl and Bob walked the half marathon for the first time this year. It was a beautiful day, and Bob only got one blister (though it covered most of his foot).
Renaissance Festival
October 2019

Kamikaze Fireflies juggling flaming torches

We made our annual visit to the Ohio Renaissance Festival in October this year to meet up with friends from college. Bob was excited that our available weekend coincided with the Tartan Terrors visit. We also checked out the usual favorites.
Pumpkin Carving
October 2019

Bob only carved a small pie pumpkin this year, but the Roman soldier was still a fun display.
Black Keys
October 2019

The Black Keys tour passed through Columbus in October, so we made the trip to Nationwide Arena to see them again.
At Work
With the start of the school year, Bob is in his 27th year of teaching at Newark Catholic. He has classes in Latin, Freshman Foundations and Mythology.
Cheryl is still at Owens Corning (Year #20 or 23, depending on how you want to count the contracting years). It was a busy year in Sustainability. In the spring, there was a new hire (Leila) in the department, so there was an orientation trip to South Carolina to see two of the Composites plants, followed up a road trip to the Roofing plant in Medina. In the fall, Cheryl attended a couple of conferences, one local in Columbus and one in Tucson, Arizona (with Leila). Based on the evidence, Cheryl + Leila + road trip = rain. Yep, in addition to rain in South Carolina and Ohio, we made it rain in Arizona on the drive down from & back to Phoenix.

View toward Tucson from the Linda Vista Trail near the hotel

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