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During the past year...

We got out a bit more...

Still taking things slowly, but we made it out to a few events this year, particularly those with masking or vaccine requirements. Dining out regularly is still not back in the routine, but we've been doing carry out. With a gift certificate we received discovered the convenience of Doordash, and got renewed appreciation for the intimidating steepness of our driveway from the new sets of eyes.
Just a Few Trips to the Theater

With Josie, John, Judy & Brad, we saw Clue the Musical at Weathervane Playhouse here in Newark in July. It was originally scheduled to be the fall 2020 show, but was offered in July since they could not put on a full summer season.

September saw us back in Columbus at the Palace Theater for "An Astrophysicist Goes to the Movies" with Neil DeGrasse Tyson which had been rescheduled from March 2020.

Broadway Across America in Columbus made its reappearance in November with rescheduled shows from the postponed season. Vaccinations and masks were required to attend since they filled the theater for Hadestown.
Bob Con, the Star Wars edition
July 2021

Having climate control in the garage, made it easy to have a vaccinated mini con to play the Star Wars scenarios for Hoth, Endor and Bounty Hunters with friends.

Origins held a pared down, masking-mandatory version of the convention in early October. Bob did not run any games since he was in session for school, but did end up taking a personal day to attend on Friday. We had a reasonable haul of new games to add to the collection. We continued to play a lot at home, though won't be hitting the total numbers we saw in 2020.

Leila motivated Cheryl to get out and try her hand at pottery. Definitely not a natural, but it was a fun thing to do for few Saturdays.

Although we totally forgot to take pictures, we were able to host for Thanksgiving. Using our folding tables, we were able to seat everyone together in the library, rather than splitting into two rooms.
Christmas Lights

Thanksgiving night, with the Dugans, we drove through the Christmas light display at National Trail.

Plenty of trips to Dawes throughout the year. It allowed Cheryl to have changing seasonal backdrops for all the video calls at work.
At Work

Newark Catholic continued to host in-person classes throughout 2021. Ohio teachers were early in line for the vaccine, which meant Bob, with his continued mask wearing, has been able to avoid COVID so far. It's year 29 at NC, and he is teaching Latin, mythology and freshman foundations (a computer & studies skills class).

At Work

Cheryl still works for Owens Corning, though it has been mostly from home again this year. For a period of time, she was in the office once a week, but 2022 will see the sustainability team moving to a different building. As a result, the year is winding down 100% at home, since offices were emptied in October to allow for construction and moving. The home office got a new paint job over Labor Day weekend, so it's got a nice cozy feel.

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