Star Wars Minis Battles

Use these ready-made squads to re-create themed battles in the Star Wars Universe.  Each battle set-up uses the miniatures and stat cards for the Star Wars Miniatures game by Wizards of the Coast and follow the normal rules for skirmish play.  These squads are meant as a suggestion for balanced skirmish play and proxy pieces or substitutes are perfectly acceptable.  We tried to use pieces that have not been as popular in tournament play and fit the theme to the map location.  Squads are created and playtested by Shawn Sparks (stsparks72) and Bob Smith (Squid89).  We have tried to balance the squads as much as possible for a close match-up that could be won by either player.  We hope you give them a try and have fun.  Please feel free to post your own results in our thread in the General Forums on the Wizards of the Coast website.  Thanks for looking.

Battle of Mos Eisley Rebels VS. Imperials
Battle of the Death Star Rebels VS. Imperials
Assault on Ossus New Republic VS. Sith
Assault on Teth Monastery Republic VS. Separatists
Battle of the Geonosis Arena Republic VS. Separatists
Battle of Cloud City Rebels VS. Imperials
Muunilist Battle Republic VS. Separatists
Battle on Yavin New Republic VS. Yuuzhan Vong
Battle in the Crystal Caves of Ilum Republic VS.Separatists
Hoth Outpost Attack Rebel VS. Fringe
Raid on the Invisible Hand Republic VS. Separatists
Conflict on Korriban <not playtested> Old Republic VS. Sith
Battle for Teth <not playtested> Republic VS. Separatists
Strike on the Endor Bunker <not playtested> Rebel VS.Imperial

Battles designed using the Tile Wars format:

Save the Princess Rebels VS. Imperials
Geonosis Droid Factory <not playtested> Republic VS. Separatists

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